Stories define the very essence of how we live our individual lives. The need for more compelling visual stories maximizes your brand’s impact by engaging on a deeper level with your audience.

We all want client-relationship loyalty and growth! It takes more than just a well-crafted story.

Brand Storytelling: Your Step-by-Step Guide

1.  Know Your Audience

What is your target audience’s interests, values, pain points and common ground? Through family traditions, childhood memories, life lessons and commonalities, themes should be identified and messages intentionally communicated to connect with human emotion. Emotions enhance retention!

2. Content Structure and Authenticity 
Compelling stories fascinate us all. Craft your story’s focus on an outcome that your audience needs or wants. Always begin your story with empathy and authenticity and lock it into your mindset. The middle section should illustrate contrast or conflict. The end of the story offers a resolution and take-away. Remember a call-to-action! 

3.  Goals and Call-To-Action
The next important step is connecting financial objectives to your chosen marketing vehicles. We like the popular “SMART” acronym – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound. This also includes how you want your call-to-action to perform and monetize.

4.  Choose Your Medium
There are several channels you can use to share content and connect with your core customer. While we encourage the consistent use of your website, social media platforms, PR and photo/videography, experiment with case studies, published blogs, e-books, white papers and podcasts (host or guest). Get noticed!

5.  Publish and Measure
Organize all your content ahead of time by scheduling a well-planned yearly plan. Visualize when each story will be published that matches your goals. For each goal, you want to define the metrics to use for measuring success. Ex: In X months, we will see an increase of X% of traffic to our website by publishing our blog X amount of times per month. Celebrate victories!