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Top 15 Style Bag Essentials

Are you starting your styling career in TV, Film, Print or Fashion Show Production? Below is a starter list of must haves! The top 15 style bag essentials Scissors (small and large) Small sewing kit with needles, 10 basic thread colors, a few basic buttons and measuring tape. Tape: Double sticky tape, gaffer tape, masking tape and hem tape.  Pins and more pins (stick pins, safety pins, T pins and push pins) Sticky felt squares (found at Michael’s) to place on the bottom of shoes to protect from scuffing or dirt. Clips - spring clamps (small and medium) found at home improvement stores Hygiene: disposable liners for swimsuits/underwear (online) and underarm sweat guard protectors (JoAnn’s Fabrics) Tag gun and tag gun fabric fasteners (clear) Non toxic sticky putty Earring backs (a variety pack) Fabric Protector: Lint roller, static guard and deodorant remover sponge Cleaners: Stain remover pens, goo be gone, packets...

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