Mersur Movement

Mersur Movement

When I worked at Chico’s FAS marketing and public relations department many years ago, I was introduced to Sarah Shirley, an international fashion stylist based in NYC that regularly appeared on popular, national news and entertainment shows. We were introduced when she called our department requesting product for one of her appearances and we connected immediately.

Working in the retail industry, I had the opportunity to not only pitch/provide our brands’ product to national editors and stylists but also help style for various company projects…executive TV appearances, market editor events, catalog shoots and regional fashion shows. Both Sarah and I have the public relations background and the style bug. She was one of my first inspirations leading me to develop Michaela & Co. Sarah and I have remained social media friends during our evolution process and supported one another’s chapters.

Another one of Sarah’s many talents and educational background is fashion design.  She has created a resort-chic brand called Mersur. To quote from the website, “Mersur epitomizes the jet set, endless summer feel of Southern California, St. Tropez, Rio de Janeiro and the countless beaches of Australia. Mersur is a must-have, contemporary collection of beach gowns, swimsuit cover-ups and resort style dresses designed to be worn in exotic places and whisk you away to the dream destination of your choice. ”

Although her social media posts are always enjoyable to follow and read, this one Instagram post not only hit home but triggered a sense of responsibility to share it. Every woman I have ever met, including various talent that work in print or TV (especially might be a better word), have struggled with self criticism. Let’s share the #mersurmovement.  To learn more, click here Mersur

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I'm on a mission. I am here to create a movement. What is my movement? My movement is to never waste another minute worrying about the way my body looks. Interjections like; I can't post this pic because I have a double chin, my stomach is sticking out, my arm is too thick or my skin looks discoloured. I am on a mission to love my body for what it does for me. I live in this body every day. I wake up with it, I work with it and I go to bed with it. I've never been one to sleep with the enemy. So why did I say so many negative things before? I was conditioned to. I did not have a #rolemodel who spoke lovingly about herself. I listened to my industry that was only about embracing one type of beauty. I listened to my friends brother who told me my thighs were too thick. I listened to my agent who told me to be skinnier when I was at my thinest. I listened to all the people who told me they thought I would be prettier if I lost 10/20/30 pounds. Why did I choose them as the authority on my body? This types of messages deemed me as not acceptable. I was not acceptable until these actions occured. This kind of thinking did not allow me to live in the #presentmoment. Today I accept myself just as I am. I no longer allow these interjects from them or me to enter into my well being. I am @sarzy7300 and I am #bodypositive – – – Join me in this movement. #mersurmovement

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