Grandeur Magazine November 2018 Shopping Column

Grandeur Magazine November 2018 Shopping Column


Designing a man’s “look” is a life-changing experience and brands him in every aspect of his world. If you mention to Giacomo Battaglia the saying, “Clothes make the man,” you better buckle your seat belt and get ready for the ride of your life. The shop — Giacomo Battaglia for Men — is named after the charismatic owner, who’s nicknamed the Mayor of Gulf Coast Town Center and wears a custom suit every single day. When you walk in the door, you’ll likely hear him say, “Welcome to the finest men’s shop in America!” 

What makes Giacomo Battaglia unique and an international house of fashion? His clients respect his never-ending professionalism, design expertise, one-on-one consultation, attention to detail and the ability to dress each client successfully based on the individual’s lifestyle needs. For 65 years, he has worked as a style expert and will tell you with a twinkle in his eye that the owner is always right. 

It certainly appears that hundreds of clients appreciate his straightforward with a twist of humor approach and undivided attention to customer service. During the consultation, he takes time documenting notes including but not limited to the color of the client’s hair, eye color, profession, hobbies, favorite colors and style preference (classic, modern, on-trend). With a custom design order, Giacomo provides a numbered matching system for the client that updates his closet with several suits, shirts, shoes and casual lines, making it easy for him to mix-and-match his new wardrobe. 

Although Giacomo does provide some casual lines of sports shirts and jeans, his shop reflects mostly fine suiting, dress shirts, ties, cuff links and shoes that are custom ordered with some ready-to-wear product. He does mention proudly that the denim pant has been a best seller and is approved by some country clubs as suitable dinner attire, especially when matched with a dinner jacket and eye-catching shoes. 

Shoes do make the man, and Giacomo provides custom ordered, color-blended shoes that complement a suit or denim pant. No reason to limit that shoe selection to black, brown and burgundy. 

Through the years, styles may change, but Giacomo’s rule of life remains the same: “You must believe in yourself to earn respect, have pride in the way you look and work at something every day.”

Written by Michaela Jones of Michaela & Co